the tammy norie

"Tammy Norie is a amazing wooden boat. Anyone with the basic appreciation for sailing craft and the art of sailing, will find this vessel a true joy. Tammy's recognizable red sails lend to many friendly interactions with other sea goers, as the captain and crew are truly members of the Penobscot Bay community and know many who work and enjoy the sea." (LucasB, Tripadvisor review, July 2014)

Tammy Norie is a 40' wooden sloop designed by Kim Holman. Built to be both a comfortable family cruising boat and a blue-water voyager, she was constructed in 1968 at Whisstock's Boatyard in Woodbridge, England. The boat was one of seven sister ships knowns as the Whisstock Landfall 40's built by the yard between 1958 and 1972.

On her maiden voyage, owner Bud McElfresh and his family delivered Tammy Norie from England to Connecticut. She cruised in Long Island Sound and along the Eastern Seaboard with the McElfesh family until she was purchased in 1992 by Dr. Mike Rowland and delivered to Maine.

She has since completed four more transatlantic voyages and has received constant maintenance and upgrades to her hull, cockpit, cabin and rig. Owned now by Joel Rowland, Tammy Norie has been outfitted for coastwise sailing and charter work. She is a modern, beautiful, simple and stable boat for anyone wishing to learn sailing skills while exploring the islands and bays of the Maine coast.

"This Holman classic design won a reputation as a fast and comfortable passage maker - she really is a superb cruising yacht; the boldly-sheered, short ended hull belies the fineness of the lines beneath - the cockpit is very deep and well protected and the volume below impressive, very comfortably sleeping 6 people." (-YachtWorld.com)