sailing charter packages

customize your blue yonder experience with lobster, oysters, sunset and more! 

Food and beverage options

FOOD: Interested in adding food from Calderwood Hall or oysters from North Haven Oyster Co. to your daysail?

BEVERAGE: Are you interested in adding beverages to your sailing charter?

MERCHANDISE: Check in about our merchandise options if you would like to explore our options.

dawn patrol or sunset sailing 

Are you an early riser with a passion for adventure? Are you a night owl who enjoys a spectacular sunset from the water? Contact us for extended hours options aside form our typical daysail times.


This season, we are putting our multi-day charters on hiatus due to the fact that we are a small family business and have two young children. We’re looking forward to future days when we offer this package again. Until then, please check out our daysail options and contact us if you’re interested in sailing in and around Penobscot Bay!

In the future: If you are interested in exploring further in and around Penobscot Bay, or sailing further east or west, multi-day sail charters are a great option. Our vessel was built to carry six passengers on long voyages trans-Atlantic, so she is more than capable of providing comfortable accommodations for a few days or a week sailing on the Maine Coast. Our Captain will take care of all sailing-related logistics and safety, water, fuel and cleaning. You are responsible for all food and beverages, as well as cooking meals.