getting to vinalhaven from north haven

You can get there from here

Blue Yonder Sail Charters serves full and half day sail charter passengers originating from both North Haven and Vinalhaven islands throughout the summer months. If you're not chartering with us (or if you're here in the fall, winter or spring), there is one sure way to get yourself from one island to the next:

If you're on North Haven island hoping to visit Vinalhaven (neighboring island across the Fox Islands Thorofare), you can hire Brown's Boatyard to ferry you across. You can call Brown's for a trip from North Haven to Vinalhaven, or from Vinalhaven to North Haven. They are open during the daytime, and also make runs on the hour every hour during the day. Call ahead of time or walk over to Brown's to ask in person - either way, Brown's is generally your best bet at getting there from here.

Brown's Boatyard: (207) 867-4621