penobscot bay

Blue Yonder Cruising Grounds

DREAM of perfect cruising grounds, of islands large and small, grand and modest, of intriguing harbors and alluring towns, of broad reaches and narrow tickles, of gritty fishing villages and sophisticated summer resorts, of lonely outposts lost in time. There is such a place, and the place is Penobscot Bay. (Maine Coast Cruising Guide)

We're based in the Fox Islands, right in the heart of beautiful Penobscot Bay. Based on North Haven Island, we customarily pick passengers up right in town at the Town Landing, Brown's Boatyard or the North Haven Casino. From there, we either head East or West through the Fox Islands Thorofare or beyond. 

To the East, we are fortunate to boast the unparalleled sights and opportunities for exploration that have served as the muse of year round and summer islanders and visitors alike since the 1800's. Depending on your interest and time, we're glad to sail you anywhere from the Goose Rocks Light to Winter Harbor, Seal Bay Vinalhaven, Isle au Haut, Stonington, and Merchant's Row. If you're really up for an adventure, we could continue on past Merchant's Row and Jericho Bay to Mount Desert Island -home to Acadia National Park. Depending on wind and tide, an adventure to MDI might be a stretch for a day trip, but we're up for a try if you are! If you are more in the mood for a leisure sail in our neck of the woods but have been east, we could head North into the appropriately named Northerns - a beautiful island cluster just North of North Haven. 

To the West, we enjoy adventures to the Sugar Loaves, views of Brown's Head Light on Vinalhaven, and our personal favorite, the Monument - a gorgeous granite structure built on Fiddler's Ledge in 1859 and the first public work's project from a Vinalhaven quarry. If we head continue West from the Monument, we'll sail right over to the mainland, where Rockland, Camden, Rockport and Lincolnville buzz with activity. Should we head south from the western opening of the Thorofare, we'll weave our way through a number of small (mostly uninhabited) islands with granite shores, down Hurricane Sound and past Heron Neck to the great beyond...perhaps to Brimstone, an island like no other in the area.

Of course, is plenty of top notch sailing and exploring to do between North Haven and Vinalhaven alone. Passengers aboard for just a couple of hours experience leave having seen much of the renowned Fox Islands by boat - an experience you won't want to miss! We're happy to cater your time aboard the Tammy Norie to exactly the sights, sounds, history and attractions you're hoping to experience while sailing here in Maine.